(These instructions can be downloaded from the "Files" section of the Wiki)

This Wiki can do a lot. As an introduction, the following instructions will get you started in no time.

There are two primary ways to interact with the Wiki – Adding content and posting a comment.

Adding Content:

To add content first navigate to the page you would like to add/edit content to. Next click on the “Edit Page (e)”  (the pencil)

icon at the top right of the page.

The shortcut key for this is ”e”. If you type “e” the editor will open. You will know the editor is active because the button group will have changed.

In addition, the editing menu will be displayed at the top left of the Wiki.

Once you are in editing mode click on the section of the page where you would like to add content to. Typically this would be towards the end of the existing content.

To insert an image, link, etc into a page click on the "Insert" menu item. This will bring up a sub-menu with all sorts of fun features to make your page/edit come to life. 

Additionally, "Format," "Table," and "Layout" work very similar to your favorite document program. 

Adding a page:

If you would like to create a new page click on the “Create Page (c)” icon or type in the shortcut key “c”.  

After clicking on the “Create Page (c)” icon you will be presented with a menu to allow you name your page, select the type of page you would like to create, and select a location for your page.

In most cases you should select “Web Page”. Next select a location for your page. The location is very similar to the files you use on your computer with primary folders, sub-folders, and individual files. In many cases your new page can be created at the top level or under “Home.”

Clicking on the “More Actions (m)” icon

for additional page settings.

Attaching files:

At the bottom of most pages is an icon,

when clicked, you can select documents to upload and attach to the page. 

Editing Files:
Thanks to Google and it's amazing Google Drive - most of the attached documents can be edited in Google Docs/Spreadsheet. When looking at a page with a document attached to it, you will be presented with two options - view and download. 
If you would like to edit the attached document select "View". A new tab will open and at the top of that page will be a button to "Open with Google Docs." Click on that button and the document will open in Google Docs and the document can be collaboratively edited.


The power of a Wiki is providing a central location for conversations to take place. Having conversations and discussions relating to the page topic is what separates a Wiki from email. I encourage everyone to move the email DL discussions to the Wiki - facilitating a more complete and linear view of the discussion. 

At the bottom of most pages there is a section to post your comments.

It is possible to comment on a specific comment or the larger discussion as well as reply to any comment or thread. 

Also, by clicking on the “More Actions (m)” gear icon at the top left of the page you can “Subscribe to Page Changes” and receive notices when anyone make an update to the page such as making a comment.